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Accessing Services

You do not need a formal referral to access Keeping in Mind Psychology services, however a referral and Mental Health Care Plan is required to claim Medicare rebates. 

If you are wanting to engage privately, you can call or email us yourself, complete the "Contact Us" form below, or have someone contact us on your behalf. 


Mental Health Care Plan

Through the Better Access to Mental Health Care initiative, individuals can access up to 10 Medicare supported sessions, per calendar year. To utilise this initiative, speak to your doctor about obtaining a Mental Health Care Plan. We will need your Mental Health Care Plan to be able to receive your rebate from Medicare, or you may be charged full fee.

A Mental Health Care Plan is not required to access services, however a full fee may be charged.


Keeping in Mind Psychology utilises a sliding scale fee structure.

Full fee is $160* per session, however discounts are available for Health Care Card holders and full time students. 

If you are utilising a Mental Health Care Plan completed by your GP, the Medicare rebate is $87.45 per session, for a total of 10 sessions per calendar year.

Chat with us if you have any questions or concerns about fees.

*Prices subject to change without notice



If for any reason you are unable to attend an appointment, please provide 24 hours notice, otherwise you may be charged a cancellation fee.

Non- Attendance

If you do not provide 24 hours notice and do not attend 2 consecutive sessions, your future sessions will be cancelled. An email will be sent informing you of this, and if we have no further contact with you after 2 weeks, your file will be closed and your GP and/or referrer will be contacted. Please note that should you wish to re-engage at any time in the future, you are encouraged to contact us to discuss your options.